Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bespoke Projects

CMC Design Opua Oak Staircase Stairs LEDS Bespoke Custom Joinery Timberwork NZ NorthlandClever design is at the forefront of everything we do at CMC Design.  Our extensive industry experience allows us to work with your ideas to push the boundaries of creativity to produce unique eye catching pieces.

CMC Design is a well established business operating out of our extensive workshops.  We specialise in projects in a number of materials and finishes, everything from timber to carbon fibre and beyond.

We have designed, built and installed both residential, commercial and community based projects, both small and large scale.  Our background in the fine woodwork of boatbuilding means the detail of our finish is exceptional.

If you are looking for quality, without compromising functionality then please get in touch.

We work predominatly in the wider Far North but are aways interested to hear about your projects whatever the location.

◦ Luxury Kitchens and Bathroom Builds

◦ Cabinetry and Joinery

◦ Restoration and Repairs

◦ Retail Displays

◦ Urban Design

Barn Style Doors CMC Design Interiors

Native Timber Shelving CMC Design Kitchens

Modern Vanities and Mirrors CMC Design Luxury Bathrooms

Kitchen Builders Rennovation Bespoke Luxury CMC Design Opua Bay Of Islands Northland NZ

Barthroom Carbon Fiber Luxury Vanities Double Sink CMC Design Opua Northland Bay Of Islands NZ